Book: Richard P. Feynman's "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman!"

December 16, 2008

This book is not what one usually thinks under the therm 'biography'; it's actually a collection of stories from Feynman's life as he told them. On the back cover there's a specific word used - self-portrait. Maybe that word describes the best what this book really is.

Reading about 'adventures of a curious character', told by the same funny, honest, intelligent and unpredictable person makes you feel like you're also falling into adventure with him, like you're getting to know and understand him. Finally, when I came to just four stories until the end I just stopped reading, and couldn't go any further. I couldn't just read through his entire life, close the book and say 'so, ok, that's it'. I want to, need to, have those few pages more, just to know that his story is not finished, that there's more, still.

For those who are not familiar with Richard Feynman lets say that he's a semiskilled Nobel laureate in physics. Whatever he touches he turns to gold, what ever interests him he investigates deeply and thoroughly. On one hand intelligent, innovative, hardworking, inquisitive, and on the other hand silly, honest, positive.

Possibly a great gift for persons who admire science, innovation, intelligence, good humor, and maybe even Feynman himself (you wouldn't think maybe, but there are many, big hug to ya all :).

The front cover :]


sadunkal said...

You can also find some pretty cool videos of him on YouTube. Check it out.

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